Snorkel the Barrier Reef near Hopkins, Belize

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Snorkel the Barrier Reef near Hopkins, Belize

Gear up with your snorkeling gears and get a fish-eye view of one of the most gorgeous reefs in the world! Yes. We are talking about Belize. Don’t know how to snorkel? Well, no prior snorkeling experience is necessary when we arrange your snorkeling trip – our guides are highly trained, very experienced, and very patient! Hang with them and you’ll be a pro in no time! A spectacular, relaxing day that you’ll never forget. You’ll leave at 8:45, snorkel from the boat at the reef, go to a gorgeous beach caye for lunch (usually Southwater Caye) where you can snorkel from the shore or lounge under the coconut trees. Then you’ll snorkel at another spot on the reef and come home around 3-3:30 pm. A half-day snorkel leaves at 7:45 and is back by 11:30ish.

Snorkel near Hopkins, Belize

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