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Halloween Competition Rules

Our Halloween Costume Competition is open To All Humans, No Matter What Age You Are Or Where You Live. Come Dressed As Your Favorite Super Hero, Villain, Monster, Creation, Or Character!

Submit your Photos & Videos to WhatsApp # (224) 225-9686
INCLUDE your name and location when you submit.

  1. Be sure to LIKE the Orchid Bay Facebook Page
  2. Share the promo video we have on our page and tag five friends (more is fine with us).:
    USE THE FOLLOWING CAPTION in your post: [I have entered a Halloween Costume Competition to WIN a 2 Nights stay at Orchid Bay Resort.” It will be streamed LIVE on Belize In America’s Facebook page on Saturday, October 31st at 7PM Sharp!]
  3. SUBMIT a PHOTO of your costume
  4. SUBMIT a recording (VIDEO) of yourself or group DISPLAYING your costume. You may dance/move to one of your favorite music track; make it fun.
  5. At the night of the contest, we will call you on the phone number you provided to present your costume. 
  • There Will Be A Single Prize Awarded To Best Group (Must Include 3 Or More Humans)
  • This Is An All Ages Costume Contest. Keep It Fun, And Pg-Rated. Orchid Bay Reserves The Right Not To Allow Participants In Costumes We Deem Inappropriate Or In Bad Taste.
  • Judges For The Halloween Costume Contest (Or Members Of Their Immediate Family) Are Not Eligible For The Costume Contest.
  • Registration For The Contest Ends Friday Midnight. Participants Must Send All Information By 12Pm Saturday, October 31st.
  • Contest Begins At 7:00Pm Sharp!
  • You Can Register As A Single (Includes Duos) Or As A Group.
  • Most Original Costume – Up to 10 points 
  • Scariest OR Funniest Costume – Up to 10 points
  • Creativity – Earn up to 15 points
  • Presentation – Earn up to 20 points

Thanks for joining the fun!
You are a WINNER already!