Greasy Pole at Mango Fest 2016 in Hopkins, Belize

The Greasy Pole activity was the most challenging and intense sport of all the games at the 2016 Mango Fest in Hopkins village, Belize. Many groups of young men and boys made several attempts to get the prize from the top of the pole, but to no avail. Eventually, the pole was weakened, and the participants swayed the pole from left to right – round and round, until it collapsed to the ground. As a result, this created a frenzy, where the participants and the spectators struggled on the beach to snatch the prize.

[RPG id=218]

We’d like to extend our “Thank You” to Coconut Row Guesthouse, beachfront rooms and cabins in Hopkins, Belize, for accommodating us during Mango Fest 2016.

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