Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro in Placencia, Belize

There are so many things to do, and so many places to visit in Belize. If you have the Placencia peninsula in mind, you will need a safe, comfortable, and of course, a laid back environment to rest your head and your mind – is that not what vacationing as about, after all…?

No doubt, there are many nice hotels to choose from in Placencia, Belize, but not all of them will afford you a friendly and “family-oriented” atmosphere without compromising quality. This is where the Maya Beach Hotel in Placencia comes in. At the Maya Beach Hotel, both the owners (Ellen and John) and staff members are eager and ever willing to serve you – to ensure your experience at their facility is beyond your expectations. Nothing is done without a genuine smile, and a gesture of appreciation for your patronage at the Maya Beach Hotel.

Without any fluff or fancy words, we would like to make it know to Belize and the world at large, that the Maya Beach Hotel is one Belize In America’s preferred hotels in Placencia, Belize.