Cave Tubing and the Blue Hole in Belize

Combine cave tubing and cave exploration to explore this incredible river cave system where ancient Maya Ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, obsidian blood letting blades, jade and the actual footprints of the Shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D. are still seen. This cave system is like nothing you’ve experienced before; certainly not like the caves in the US! It is awe-inspiring!

The cave tubing takes about 2 1⁄2 hours. You’ll walk through the first part of the cave system, then jump in some tubes and float back. It’s a very enjoyable experience! Enjoy a swim in the Blue Hole after that! (Not the big one in the sea!) Price includes park entrance fee. Local lunch is available for usd $5 per plate – just let us know if you’d like it! If you have any interest in seeing Mayan Ruins, we highly recommend combining the two adventures! (See prices above in the Mayan Ruins section.)

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