Belize: The duplicity in law enforcement

I want to state this clearly so no one misunderstands my point because what I want to illustrate is the double standard in law enforcement that caused the ever widening gap between the “big man” vs “small man” that still fuels crime and violence. I hope no one takes out of context what I seek […]

New monument on North Front Street, Belize City

Heading up N. Front st..the new monument to establish the Fort George Tourism Zone is another attempt to market to the international community… the news reported the other night that over 24,000 people crossed the border over the Easter weekend. That’s millions of dollars that usually goes to the Belizean economy in places like Placencia, […]

Police officers bully-ragged elected representative – Belize

Dear Police Officers of Belize, I watched in horror as you roughed up, man-handled and bully-ragged members of the media, citizens and an Elected Representative today. As far as you are concerned you were doing your duty and I guess the need for excessive force had to be sanctioned by your Government Leaders. In your […]

Embarrassment at Belize National Assembly

The events that transpired yesterday in the National Assembly, our House of Representatives was equally embarrassing as it was unnecessary. The blame might lean more on one side than the other… but make no flippin mistake , no one in that room was blameless. The representatives and the speaker have gradually and purposefully tolerated the […]